Property auction is done through an open and competitive bidding by interested public who are keen to purchase a property either for own use or as an investment.

A licensed auctioneer is appointed to conduct the auction, either by the banks or the relevant authorities, e.g. High Courts and Land Offices.

Through our website: www.auctionproperty.com.my At or surrounding the subject property Newspapers, normally the English or Malay daily.

At the appointed auctioneer's office Land Office High Court Property Auction Fair organized by the respective banks.

As most of the auction properties are on an basis, it is therefore not possible to view the property. However, a potential buyer can sometimes view the property under special arrangements. Generally, the property is not open to inspection prior to the sale. You can only view the property from the outside.

Just call us, we have specially trained personnel to guide you step-by-step, or join us as a member. We will guide you to go through the whole auction process, especially the Do's and Don't on public auction, so that you can acquire any interested auction property in the safest manner.

All that is required for a potential buyer to bid at all public auctions is a banker's cheque or bank draft in favor of the name listed in the Proclaimation of Sale. Personal cheque or Letters of Credit are NOT accepted.

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